The babies from this pair can grow to a WHOPPING 1,300 grams, give or take a few grams, which is a pretty big bird. They have just hatched this week and should be weaned around or near late November.

They were hatched 8-9-2016 and will be selling at huge Macaw prices of $900.00-plus $200.00 shipping (market price is around $1,200.00 to $1,500 if you look around). All of this one's siblings in previous clutches have been consistently 40 to 50 grams larger than their parents at 6 months old. The only baby I held back from these parents (Zulie) is now 1,331 grams at 5 years old and out weighs both of her parents by 300 grams, or 11 ounces. With the special high protein, high fat formula I use, I don't expect that trend to change with this baby.

The book says that "Adult B&G Macaws weigh from 900 to 1,500 grams", so he's not going to be a small Blue & Gold Macaw. Over the years, domestic bred birds have been bred down in size due to barely adequate nutrition in commercial formulas. I have learned how to breed them up in size by enriching their formula, so they reach their full potential.

This one's parents were Trick Trained Performers in my show, and are smarter than most Macaws. They have proven with every clutch, to have passed those genes onto their babies! Usually they learn how to unlatch their cages shortly after they're weaned and are ready to fly, then I have to put a lock on the door to keep them in, none of my other birds are that smart, just Bobbie (the mom), Neon (the dad) and all of their babies.

The mother was the best performer in my show (Bobbie), doing fourteen tricks including riding the Scooter, Bike, Unicycle and Trike, she's a one bird...Bird Show. The father (Neon) was able to figure out how to unlatch his cage door, to escape across the room and move in with Bobbie so many times, I finally gave up and let them stay together. Both parents are above average and extremely smart, and they passed these genes onto their babies. So far every one of their babies I have raised has figured out how to unlatch their cages on their own, shortly after they learned to fly (while none of my other birds have), so they're just as smart as their parents, and have lots of personality. You can reserve your's now, contact me for details. Also see the Letters from my Satisfied Customers.

Each customer will receive for free a copy of my Professional Training Manual (ebook) "Clicker Training Made Easy" a $20.00 value (one per house hold), to help give you a great start on a long lasting fun relationship with your new bird. I say for free because it doesn't cost any money to recieve the ebook but I insist that you give feedback so I can post it on my Letters Page...just a few lines telling how much you love your new baby. This ebook will teach you all of the professional training techniques so you can trick train your bird like a Pro. Click here to read my Guarantee

We take payments and credit cards through PayPal, for the safety of the transaction. PayPal protects the buyer ars well as the seller from on-line fraud. Please No Checks or Money Orders, folks are getting really good counterfieting them these days and I would rather not worry about it. So all transactions go through PayPal and I pay dearly for their service.

Will ship anywhere in the continental U.S. If you live near by, save the shipping and come by to pick your bird up in person. Shipping cost has gone up to $154.06 and the carrier cost $50.00, parts so total shipping will be $200.00 as you see I eat $5.00 and don't charge handling for the cost of gas and parts to make carrier acceptable to the airport. We accept PayPal & credit cards through PayPal or cash if you come to pick your bird up.

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