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Jimmy Buffet & Me when he opened his first Margaritaville Store
Parrot Bill and Poncho hanging out with Jimmy Buffet in Key West bringing a whole new meaning to the word
"Parrot Head".
This Photo (above) of Jimmy Buffet & Poncho the Blue & Gold Macaw was used in the Miami Herald above as well as in his
Margaritaville Store Brochure below.
Margaritaville Store Brochure, this shot was taken the same day as the one above, at the Grand Opening of Jimmy's first Margaritaville Store, in Land's End Village, Key West. Which has since moved to Duval Street
Oprah Winfrey at Maya Angelou's 70th birthday party
Bill performs for Oprah Winfrey, Gayle King & Stedman with their entourage at Maya Angelou's 70th Birthday party at the private Sunset Key off Key West.
Bill & Poncho with Billy Chrystal & Gregory Hines
Bill & Poncho with Billy Crystal and Gregory Hines on the set of the movie "Running Scared," filmed in Key West, Fla.
Fisher Stevens with Bill and the birds during the filming of the Key West Series
Fisher Stevens with Bill and his Birds during the filming of the
TV series "Key West".
Bill & Poncho pose with Miss Universe contestants

Parrot Bill and Poncho pose with Miss Universe contestants.

Richard Sterban with is wife
Richard Sterban, the Base Singer of "The Oak Ridge Boys" with his wife pose with Poncho while on Vacation in Key West. Just hours before we were at a Wedding where Poncho had too much
Wedding Cake, thus the large bulge.
Poncho with Key West's most celebrated hero "Captain Tony"
Key West's most celebrated hero "Captain Tony" with Poncho on his shoulder.
Key West Monthly Magazine uses Parrot Bill and his Beautiful Parrots to Promote one of Key West Largest Evening Attractions The Sunset Celebration. Macaws... Poncho on hand, Ruby on shoulder
and Bobbie in back. Bobbie was just a baby and new addition to the troop when this was taken,
but now is The Star of my Show.

La Concha Hotel Brochure Photo Shoot
Parrot Bill and his Macaw Poncho were in two parts of La Concha's Brochure

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